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BRIDGE Champions

Together, these are individuals from Cambodia. Lao PDR and Viet Nam mobilize support for the sustainable water resource management and transboundary cooperation in the Lower Mekong Basin.  

Phousavanh Fongkhamdeng (Lan)

Mr. Lan is the current Deputy Director of Administration-Planning Division under Department of Water Resources (DWR), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE) in Lao PDR. He holds a degree in Environmental Science, from the Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEDS) at the National University of Laos (NUOL). Mr. Lan has been officially designated as the national focal point for the ASEAN working group on water resources management under ASEAN cooperation, national steering committee member for Global Water Partnership-Southeast Asia (GWP-SEA), and national steering committee member for AguaJaring Network SEA for IWRM capacity development. Internationally, he has gained extensive experience through the on-the-job training programme on partnership development in sustainable water management through the Cap-Net UNDP network at UNDP’s global headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2014. He was also a junior riparian professional in the Mekong River Commission Secretariat based in Vientiane from 2009-2010. He is sociable, has excellent communication skills, likes to actively work in a team, and loves to travel and study.


Meas KhovMeas Khov

Mr. Meas Khov is currently the Deputy-Secretary General for the Tonle Sap Authority, Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorology in Cambodia. As the Deputy-Secretary General, Mr. Khov manages and leads research departments that study potential effects of climate change on water resources, and water resource conservation. He has also developed project proposals that relate to water resources management in the Tonle Sap and its related areas. Additionally, he has studied fishes, flooded forests, and biodiversity to develop a sustainable and effective conservation management plan. Mr. Khov holds an MBA from Norton University and Ateneo de Zamboango at University of the Philippines.



Le AnhLe Anh Tuan

Dr. Le Anh Tuan is currently an advisor for Vietnam River Network (VRN) for Water Environmental Issues and feed-backing to Hydropower and Climate Change Projects and a member of the National Working Group for IUCN on water policies, water utilities and hydropower problems in the Mekong River mainstream. He is also module leader for a Sustainable Hydropower Governance curricula development for the Mekong Regional Inter-universities. He received his Doctorate in Applied Biological Sciences and Engineering at the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium. Dr. Tuan is a Senior Lecturer at Can Tho University and is part of the Research Institute for Climate Change. Dr. Tuan has written countless papers on various subjects such as climate change, meteorology, disaster prevention and wastewater treatment and is a recipient of the Medal of Labor awarded by the Prime Minister of Lao PDR.



DaoDao Trong Tu Dao

Dr. Dao Trong Tu Dao is currently the Director of the Center for Sustainable Water Resources Development and Adaptation to Climate Change (CEWAREC) in Vietnam and a visiting lecturer on Water Policy and Legislation of Vietnam at the Cologne University of Germany and Vietnam Academy for Water Resources of Vietnam. He has had extensive experiences in the fields of sustainable development and management of water and related resources. Dr. Dao is also a Standing Member of the Vietnam Water Partnership (VNWP), a Member of the Advisory Board of Vietnam River Network (VRN), the Chair of National Working Group (NWG) of Mekong Water Dialogue (RWMD) with IUCN and a Standing Member of the Vietnam Association of Water Resources Development. His research largely focuses on the legal aspects, institutional arrangements and good governance of water resources, water-food-energy nexus, water and natural disaster management. He has a good understanding and has a great relationship with the Vietnam administrative systems, including ministries, provincial authorities and, international and national NGOs.


WattWatt Boltkosal

H.E. Mr. Watt Botkosal is a Deputy Secretary General of the Cambodian National Mekong Committee (CNMC), and National Coordinator for Basin Development Programme (BDP) and Mekong IWRM Project for Cambodia, both funded by Mekong River Comission (MRC). He has various experiences in natural resources management and planning and capacity building. He has also coordinated and led Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank projects such 4-Ps Basin, ADB 3s and Mekong Delta Study in Cambodia and Mekong IWRM Project Transboundary projects. He has organised, facilitated and acted as a resource person in national workshops, consultations, dialogues. From 2009 – 2015, he served as the Chairman of the Cambodia Water Partnership for 2009-2015 and currently, is the Regional Chair of GWP SEA (2016-2018). He is also the author of various research/consultation papers related to gender issues, basin development planning process, integrated river basin management and integrated water resources management. He obtained an Executive Master of Business Administration in Human Resources Management from the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand in 2002; and a Master of Science in Forestry Science from the Technical University of Wood Technology and Forestry in Zvolen, Slovak Republic in 1994.


TekTek Vannara

Mr. Tek Vannara holds the position of Executive Director of the NGO FORUM in Cambodia. In this position, he has led and advised various projects focused on hydropower dam development, renewable energy, environment, green growth land and livelihood, development issues, research and information and natural resource management in Cambodia. Mr. Vannara also has an extended network at the regional and international level, such as with Save the Mekong, Sea Fish Network, FAO, World Fish Center and Global Fish Center. He has published 16 books related to hydropower, renewable energy and fishery resource management which have been sold internationally. Mr. Vannara holds two Master degrees in Development Study from the University of Geneva, Switzerland and Agricultural Economic Development from the Royal University of Agriculture. Furthermore, he is a recipient of the excellence award on environment and peace in Asia from Eco-Peace Leadership Center and UNEP at the Kangwon National University, South Korea.



Mr. Bou Vorsak holds more than 15 years of work experience with the Cambodian Civil societies and 10 years of experience in the conservation sector as part of the Birdlife Cambodia Programme. Mr. Vorsak holds a Masters degree in General Business Management from Royal University of Law and Economic and has published papers on conservation. In the past 5 years, Mr. Vorsak has played a key role in supporting government counterpart to complete the process of designating three conservation areas including Beoung Prek Lapouv Sarus Crane reserve in Takeo province (1997), Anlung Pring Sarus Crane reserve in Kampot (2011), and Siem Pang Protected Forest in Stung Treng province (2014). Recognizing his contributions to conservation, The Ministry of Environment of Cambodia invited Mr. Vorsak as the NGO Communication Education Participatory and Awareness (CEPA) focal point for Ramsar convention in Cambodia.


TruongTruong Tung Hoa

Ms. Truong Tung Hoa is currently a Project Technical Team Member for the Department of Water Resource Management in Vietnam. She frequently conducts projects that investigate reservoir operations and procedures in the Huong River and Tra Khuc River basins. She is an expert on the Red River basin and water resource management problems in the basin. Ms. Hoa has extensive programming knowledge in MatLab and other computer programs. She is a good team player and a quick problem-solver.




Phaylin Bouakeo

Ms. Phaylin Bouakeo is currently the Technician on Data Information and GIS at the Department of Water Resources (DWR), Data and Information Division of the Lao PDR Government. She applies her skills in GIS to analyze issues with the water sector. Ms. Bouakeo helped develop and implement a design and monitor plan that evaluates the Development Project Sector of the Nam Ngum River Basin. She also designed a database management system on water resources in Lao PDR, improving the mandate on data and information management of DWR and coordinated with line agencies for draft water resources data and information assessment and strategy. Ms. Bouakeo holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering and Management from the National University of Laos.


Vu Thi Thanh Tu

Ms. Vu Thi Thanh Tu is a research fellow at the Centre for Security and Development Studies of the Institute for Foreign Policy and Strategic Studies - Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam (IFPSS-DAV). She holds a BA from the Ho Chi Minh city University of Law, with a specialization in international law and an MA in public law offered by the University of Toulouse I. Her areas of research are global political and security issues: climate change, transboundary water management, and energy security. She also participates in organizing many national and international conferences about global and regional political and security issues.

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