IUCN publishes report on the proceedings of the BRIDGE September 2015: International Water Laws Training Workshops & Seminars

Between 21 September to 28 September 2015, the 3S component of the BRIDGE programme facilitated a series of workshops on the theme ‘Hydro-diplomacy: International Water Law and Regional Cooperation’. These workshops were organized at the request of key stakeholders from four Lower Mekong Basin countries, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and Viet Nam.

The aim of these workshops is to improve stakeholders’ understanding of International Water Laws and its key provisions, in particular the UNWC (United Nations Convention on the Law of the Non-navigational Uses of International Watercourses), 1997. These workshops also provided a platform for discussion, giving participants the opportunity to compare the UNWC with the Mekong River Agreement (MRA), 1995 and understand how the two agreements complement one another.

The consolidated report on the proceeding of these workshops provides an overview of the technical presentations and highlights the common points and specific issues raised by participants.

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