BRIDGE Global Coordination meeting: a strategic vision for BRIDGE 3

On the banks of the river Rhine, the annual BRIDGE (Building River Dialogue and Governance) meeting took place in Bonn, Germany on April 4th to 8th, 2016. The programme is led by the IUCN Global Water Programme and the IUCN Environmental Law Centre, in collaboration with the IUCN Asia, Mesoamerica, South America, East and Southern Africa, and Central and West Africa offices.

Hosted by the IUCN Environmental Law Centre, the global coordination meeting was held to learn and share experiences across the regions. It also aimed at setting strategic objectives and discussing the implementation of the third phase of the Programme (January 2016 to December 2018).

During the BRIDGE meeting in Bonn, IUCN colleagues from the regional offices as well as the Global Water and Environmental Law Programme gathered to strategize in the face of new challenges ahead in the context of transboundary waters. They reviewed the successes of BRIDGE so far, as well as the roadmap ahead for strengthening multilevel water governance.

In the second phase of BRIDGE (April 2013- December 2015), incremental steps in building transboundary water cooperation in each basin were carried forward. In fact, BRIDGE 2 implementation has resulted in new dialogues within the river basins and has strengthened capacity building. In addition, BRIDGE became a global programme in July 2014 with the launching of BRIDGE Africa in five additional water basins.

In the third phase of BRIDGE (January 2016 to December 2018), one of the challenges is consolidating basin institutions and enhancing water governance capacity at all levels. However, it is expected that this new phase will be as successful as the previous one.

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